Summer subscriptions TCG

Summer Subscriptions TCG

The TC Gasperich has one tennis court "Deco-Turf" and 4 tennis courts "French Court".

Abonnements Tennis Club GasperichTo access the outside courts of the TC Gasperich, you have to be in possession of a valid Summer Subscription. 

The tennis courts are open from early April to late October.

The owners of a Summer Subscription have to comply with the Subscription Rules of TCG.

Subscription rates

The summer subscriptions

provide access to the

tennis fields from

8h00 to 22h00.

Mini-Tennis ABO (kids of 5 and 6 years) free *
* see Art. 1 of the rules for the outside courts
JUNIORS ABO (7 - 18 years old) 80 EUR
STUDENTS ABO (18 - 25 years old) 120 EUR
ADULTS ABO (as of 18 years old) 160 EUR
Validity 1 year (as of the date of payment)
Rules Rules for the use of the outside courtsRules for the use of the outside courts
Request for Summer ABO online form for the request of summer subscription

After payment, you will receive your personal login and password, that allow you to reserve a court online at any time on our website. At the same time you will also get the access code to the locker rooms of the TC Gasperich.

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